IMG_0180My name is Luke Field, and I’m standing for election to Cork City Council this May. I’m the Labour Party’s candidate in the South Central ward.

I’m running for Council because I think Cork City is ready for change, and I know I can make that change happen. I know I can support you, your family, and your neighbours to build the city you want to live in.

Like so many people in this city, I’m low-paid, in precarious work, and paying high rents for a flat that can be taken out from under me at a moment’s notice. Where is our voice on City Council? I want to be that voice.


Imagining Better

30171733_10215552529355875_1015275633673445758_oIt is the job of City Council to support us with the day-to-day challenges of living and working in this city. Nothing is a ‘small’ issue when it comes to the door of your home and affects your everyday life, whether that’s unsafe roads, dog fouling on footpaths, or a lack of safe street lighting.

We have a right to expect that the Council can get the basics right, and we should expect it – but that hasn’t been happening.

I can imagine better for Cork, and I know that I can deliver. I delivered as Deputy Chair of the Cork Together for Yes campaign just last year. Now I’m asking you to make the decision to give me a chance.

We can all imagine the city that we deserve to live in, but to make it happen we need to change our Council. Vote for me, and together we’ll make the changes we deserve.

#TakeTheField with Luke, supporting you in Cork City Council!