The Hateful Eighth: Repealing the Eighth Amendment

2016-02-19_iri_17003533_i1The continued existence of the Eighth Amendment threatens the wellbeing of everyone of childbearing age in this country and infantilises women, our legislature, and the population as a whole


I hate the Eighth Amendment.


The Wisdom of Crowds or the Madness of Crowds? RED C’s New Election Predictor

Wisdom-of-CrowdsThere was some interesting news out of Clontarf this morning: polling company RED C is using a new method to predict the results of General Election 2016, and it’s suggesting something quite different to other polls. Notably, it suggests that the Labour Party could receive 13% of first-preference votes – 5% more than in Sunday’s RED C poll for the Sunday Business Post.


America’s Experience Should Warn Ireland Away from Student Loans

Earlier this week, Fine Gael announced some of the education promises in its General Election manifesto.

Alongside the usual favourites such as reduced pupil-teacher ratios, one very notable promise stood out: the introduction of a student-loan scheme for third-level students. (more…)


Cork native Luke Field has announced that he will be seeking election to Seanad Éireann in the National University of Ireland constituency.


New Dublin European Institute Article on Germany, Greece, and the Debt Blame Game

5604964197_a0d09a34fb_oA blog post that I wrote last year has been published on the Dublin European Institute‘s website.

This is the direct link to the blog post:


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