The ‘apologies’ issued by Irish harassers aren’t worthy of the name

Last month, within days of one another, two Irish men resigned their respective positions amid allegations of abuse and harassment. The public statements that they issued had some minor differences and some striking similarities.


Please stop giving platforms to fascists: An open letter to Irish Times Editors

To: Kevin O’Sullivan, Irish Times Editor; John McManus, Irish Times Opinion Editor

Dear Editors,

I must write to you to complain about the article you published on the Irish Times website on Wednesday 4 January, entitled ‘The alt-right movement: everything you need to know’. Ordinarily, I would not write to complain about the publication of an article with which I disagreed, and would instead have written to challenge the viewpoints. But this was no ordinary article.


Submission to the Citizens’ Assembly

calogoThe Citizens’ Assembly has been convened by the Government to make recommendations to the Oireachtas on a variety of topics, most notably on Constitutional reform. The Assembly has been taking submissions from the public on the first item for discussion, the Eighth Amendment. More information can be found at This is my submission.


First Draft: How the Remain Campaign lost the Brexit Referendum

hqdefaultAs a dazed Remain campaign tries to grapple with the Leave result in the UK’s referendum on EU membership, the painful truth is that the cause of this result may be best seen in the mirror.


Seanad Election Concession Statement

Thanks to everyone who supported my campaign for the National University of Ireland constituency in Seanad Éireann. Unfortunately, it was not to be, but I appreciate the efforts of everyone who voted for me or convinced others to do so.


Reforming the Seanad Franchise

SeanadReformWebIreland is a Republic, and republics demand that their institutions should be democratic


International Women’s Day 2016

Frauentag_1914_Heraus_mit_dem_FrauenwahlrechtA very happy International Women’s Day to all, and especially to the many amazing women in my life.

For the day that’s in it, I’d like to thank two women in particular who helped nominate me as a candidate for the NUI constituency in this year’s Seanad Éireann election. Both are incredibly impressive with great achievements in their own fields, and I am honoured to have their support in this election. (more…)

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